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Weird for some, but this was (or at the time of writing this "is") my first Xenoblade game. I never had big interest in the original or Chronicles 2, but this... did interest me (though I will pick up the Definitve Edition for the first game on switch soon).
A while after 2 released, friend kept telling me to play it after I told her that I was slightly interested due to the unique music. So I did and started a very interesting journey.
I really liked the character creator. It is pretty detailed and the models generally looks very nice.
Now, for the game itself... god I love this. The world is SO HUGE and so beautifully detailed. It really encourages exploring so much. You'll ALWAYS find something cool somewhere. Or something dangerous and you die lol.
The battle system feels really nice and fairly fast paced, though I had to get used to this system at first. It's really fun. While I'm not much of a class explorer, I do like testing out a few here. My favourite being Full Metal Jaguar because double sword lol. It feels really fast and strong to use.
It was also absolutely incredibly when I first got my Skell and later on the flying module. The flying mechanic feels surprisingly good and while it does cut some ways short, there's also so much more to explore with it. I actually stopped using the fast travel and just fly anywhere I want to go. It's so nice.
Story wise, I know a lot of people weren't impressied or really didn't like. I think it wasn't bad at all. I enjoyed what it had to offer. The "late" reveal of being a mimeosome was done pretty well too, in my opionen. Having everything about that explained after setting the groundwork for all other things, really showed how important it was to find the Lifehold. From that point on till the end, it felt pretty good for me. I guess the only thing I didn't like much, was Elma mostly just being.. stoic(?) I suppose. Though it made her rare emotional moments very satisfying.
The final battles in the Lifehold were probably... some of the hardest for me so far. It took me a while to get past the Vita, but then these silly monsters appeared and that meant I had to upgrade to better Skells because they all died during/after the second Vita phase. After that, I managed to get past these too and get to the main thing...
The final fight is amazing in my opinion. Good mechanics and my most favourite battle song in the entire soundtrack. I found The Key We've Lost long before I started playing the game. This song was the main reason why I wanted to see it all. And it was incredible. I loved the song and sarted singing along a little when I was able to heart it. Sadly the audio mixing isn't the best in the game and it makes the song quite hard to hear, outside the main part. I still really liked it. It took me quite a while to figure out how to beat the final phase, as the adds that spawn are really annoying. At some point I even considered to abuse some Skell strats to keep my fuel and burst him down, but it would have not been satisfying at all to win like this. So I thought for a while. After the nap, I got the idea and felt really dumb. I positioned my Skell as close to the add Queen spawn as possible and get out before he could drain my fuel. The I fought him on foot for a while. Once the Queen spawned, I quickly entered and exited my Skell in order to bait his drain. It happened and I entered again to kill the Queen as fast as possible. And it actually worked. She managed to spawn another small add shortly before dying and the boss did kill my fuel before that, but I managed to quickly kill the small add on foot and then have the fight I wanted with him. And I won.
The ending itself and especially the ending song were really great. I loved them.
As for the post game, I haven't done much yet. I am still grinding to 60 and grinding out hearts for more hearts and generally doing quests. A lot of quests have really good and funny writing and I enjoy them a lot.
I've explored a lot more with flying too and saw some fun Lv90+ friends and I'm looking forward to fight them some day.
That's it for now. I'll probably update this after I have actually finished the post game. Thank you for reading!

It feels a little difficult to put my thoughts and feelings into words for this, as I very rarely do this, but I hope that you can understand what I mean.
I have to say. This is my most favourite 2d Zelda game. The funny thing about this is: I never played it on the SNES. The first time I play A Link to the Past was on the GBA a while after that was released. Weirdly enough, I have a sort of strange nostalgia for it, even though I never experienced it when I was small.
I guess I just love the art style, the music and... everything else about it. It really clicked with me when I replayed it on emulator, especially when I later discovered the existance of the Randomizer.
The over world design also feels very good to me. Both the light and dark world don't feel empty. It really feels like you can explore anywhere and almost always find something cool.
The dungeon design is also something I really like. While most of them are fairly linear, it's done in a really nice way to get used to the format. In the dark world dungeon, this does take quite a change and I love this. The dungeons get much more open and it's way easier to get lost, while the music for those dungeons also changes in them. The boss mechanics also change up a little and it makes it much more enjoyable and more of a challenge.
While there isn't much of a story to have, what it has is good for the available content. In general, it's a very nice journey that I keep coming back to every now and then.
Now, with the randomizer, it's a hugely different journey. I absolutely love making a few of them and play through. Exploring everything all over, finding everything at a different spot and figuring out where to go & which dungeons to do in what order. It's really incredible and I fully recommend trying it to everyone who wants to replay A Link to the Past.

And I guess that's it for now! Felt a little weird writing this. I hope it was an enjoyable read. I'll try to get this type of thing done better and better as I progress here. Thank you for reading.

While this isn't the first time I have tried Animal Corssing, this is the time I really fell in love with it.
I started playing this a week after my friends did, which was the release day for them. I didn't care much for it since I wasn't too interested in the former games. I have played New Leaf for a couple of days, but... it didn't really click with me for some reason. But as I kept seeing the content posted everywhere and also in our group chats... I really started to get interested. And so I bought it.
And I really, really just loved how adorable and comfortable even the start is. I love how the Nook babies and Tom Nook interact. He really seems so nice and the complete opposite from what I've heard elsewhere.
Everything is so lovely and comfy and I know I keep repeating myself, but it's just my constant feel about the game.
The first few days on the island are so.. quiet and nice. You're just in the tent until a little later for the house. The island looks wild, but also... really nice.
I do of course like to continue and build upon what I got. Getting the first house, very slowly starting to decorate it and the island, exploring more of it... it's really good.
One thing I am not much of a fan of, is that when you get the Cranny for the nook babies, both of them are there. I do miss having just walk around the island because they're so cute. But on the other hand, I don't want one of them to be alone in the shop the entire day...
I have played, so far, every day since I got it. It helped me quite a bit to stay a little more calm and distract myself from silly thing. Currently I managed to get my 10th villager and started to truly decorate the island. A small cafe, as well as a "bamboo park" are currently in development.
Getting to know the villagers I have, as well as seeing how everything progresses is really nice and comfy. Especially.... Sable. After I got the Able Sisters, I started talking to her every day. I really love her she is such a great character, despite not even being a villager. She slowly open up to you and it's just.. so heartwarming and cute. I'm really glad that she's here too.
I might add more here when I progress further, but for now, thank you for reading.

The first Mario Party was also my first party video game! How convenient!....... I guess.
I love Mario Party. In particular, the first 3, though I am fairly interested in some of the gamecube titles to play at some point. The first game however, is what I played the most. I really love it.
The opening is really simple and so is the "selection village", but it's also just really cute and lovely.
The music and general sound design tie perfectly in to this. It's cute and "simple".
I always played Yoshi. Dunno why but I just really like Yoshi and I'd still pick him now if I play. The sounds he makes are cute.
I also almost always played with the longest game duration. It was always a lot of fun to go for that long.
In my opinion, it is best to never take a game like this serious. Winning is cool and cool, but just messing around, causing chaos and having is what drives me to party games. Not bullying friends though if I play with them.

My favourite boards are probably just the 3 easiest.
- DK's Jungle Adventure
- Yoshi's Tropical Island
- Mario's Rainbow Castle

I love playing on them. There isn't much going on, easy to understand and just to have fun on.
All of the minigames are also so much fun. Probably not the most balanced things, but just really fun and wild to do.
I never actually completed the Minigame Island though. I should try this at some point, but I remember it being difficult. Or I was just bad lol

I love this game and will always play it every now and then. It's my favourite party game, next to 100% Orange Juice. Thanks for reading!

Not what I expected to really like. I got it a while ago for free on Steam through a bundle or something. I knew that my little sister liked it, so I wanted to give it a try, especially since it has no horror or very scary elements. I can't handle those.
The beginning was a little weird and I had to get used to the platforming. But shortly after, everything felt pretty natural.
Getting into the forest at first was a bit scary and I didn't really explore much there, but I opened up more to it later as I learned how the game works. I think the wolfs den was the only real scary part for me in the game, though it wasn't even that scary afterwards.
On a side note, the entire game is really beautiful. And so are Lara and Sam.

Whitman was stupid. Big idiot.

Speaking more of the characters, Alex was also silly, but luckily not nearly as much as Whitman.
Reyes redeemed herself after being mean to Lara on the beach.
Roth really seemed like a nice guy and was very helpful too. A shame that he had to go like that. Would've liked to see more of him.
Same with Grim. he really seemed funny. Too bad...
Jonah felt like he was the only one that really believed Lara when she said that the island is cursed. He's a good guy. I'm glad nothing happened to him.
Sam is cute but too trustful.
Lara... poor girl has to endure so, so much in this journey. She had to take so much mentally and especially physically. It's really crazy. Her wound on her left hip must've hurt like hell the entire time, and she just kept going on. She's really strong and really cool.

I wish there were more optional tombs. There were only a few with a small puzzle. They were still a very neat thing to find and do, but would've liked a few more.
The way the story was told was nice. Never got boring and I kept wanting to see more. Well, more of the story and the game itself. It was all very nicely done.
Combat was fine imo. Fun and good to understand. The "boss fights" were also pretty cool, although I wasn't the biggest fan of the QTEs. Still worked out fine. Especially the last boss.
Speaking of that, I remember going into the research facility and some guards talking that there were Oni in there. I was a little disappointed that there weren't any.
Normal enemies were funny, especially their dialogue when they haven't seen Lara yet. There was a poet in the mountain village and he just kept annoying the other guard that was with him lol

Overall, really fun experience. Once I can upgrade my computer, I will get the other two on Steam as well. Thank you for reading!

First Sonic game I played and completed! Hurray!
I streamed this to friends while I was recommended some funny mods. This really was one crazy playthrough.
I'm not good at it. Not good at all lmao. I mostly got E Rank and sometimes a C. But it was still so much fun.
The story is... something! Starting the Hero route with the fun cutscene and City Escape was really cool. Very much liked the music there.
The voice acting is hilariously amazing though. Eggman always makes me laugh with how he is voiced. Sonic and Shadow are cool. Knuckles complained about rats, Rogue screamed a lot and Tails was being a good boy.
Sonic & Shadow stages are the most fun to do and practice. Going nyoom and getting better is great.
The stages for Tails & Eggman are... something. Can be fast and okay. Not too much of a fan. The lock on sound does hurt in my ears after a while.
Now...... as for the stages for Knuckles and Rouge stages. Not my thing at all. Like, it can be chill at times with some stages, but then there is a certain stage for Rouge with a time limit. Sadly, I am not good at it! Was a pain to get done.
Boss fights can be a bit weird at times. Especially when Sonic and Shadow fight. It gets very wild with homing attacks lol
There's also the Chao Garden! Cute and I fed the two Chao I had many things. They look funny but still sucked at the minigames. Was funny to see.
And then there's the finale...
It was a bit difficult at first getting the smaller stages of everyone done, but I did it after one game over lol. The big lizard friend with Shadow also took a little because I didn't understand the mechanics at first. But I did beat him in the end.
The Final Hazard was really great. The transformation scene for Sonic and Shadow was nice. Finally hearing Live & Learn playing in the game itself felt so amazing. I really liked this fight, even though the lasers and meteor-thingies annoyed me some time.
Afterwards, I was allowed to play the Green Hill Zone extra stage from a completed save file. Didn't actually know that it was in there, so this was really cute and neat to see. The sound effects and music edits were very nice.

And that's the end of SA2 for me. I might play more by myself to get some better ranks and Chao stuff on my personal save file. Thanks for reading!

This is the beginning of my probably... most favourite Anime series.
I wasn't sure what to expect when I started watching it, but it really was an amazing experience.
In this first season, it's clearly visible that it wasn't a very... high budget project. Yet the team and especially the voice actors put a lot of energy into this.
While the visuals aren't highly impressive, it still has this feeling of being... it's own thing. That this, is Symphogear. This is something I generally feel about Season 1. The art, the animation, the voices and especially the music all just... define Symphogear for me. That doesn't mean I think less of the other seasons, but this one just has the biggest connection to it. The music especially has this "wild" Synth that is everywhere. In the opening, in the ending, in the character songs... and it's so good. It's such a satisfying synth and it always feels good to listen to these songs. Whenever I listen to the music from season 1, I really just think in my head "Yeah, that's Symphogear". Though I generally love all Symphogear songs. Perhaps because I love music in general a lot. Symphogear just clicks with me there.
As for the characters... I also really like them and see how they progress.
- Hibiki going from an untrained little girl that helps cats to a martial artist that helps people whenever she can.
- Miku starting off with big trust issues and doing silly things, but ending up seeing how much Hibiki tries and believes in her in the end.
- Tsubasa hating Hibiki at first for having Gungnir and obviously still being hurt from losing Kanade, to accepting Hibiki not just as a comrade but as a friend and fighting along with her.
- Chris being the alone, no-trusting, aggressive girl who wanted to wipe out the strong to end wars, to the caring girl that finally found true friends and wants to protect them and her new found home.
All four of them are great. I love them. Though personally, I especially love Chris. Her songs and especially music are something that resonate with a part of me. Her personality is also something that I really like.
And while not being one of the four main girls, there's also Genjuro, who is absolutely in-human and amazing. He got so strong from watching martial arts movies and training! Wish I could do that. He's really impressive and I wish he would've gotten more fighting scenes in the series overal. But at least he did get some good scenes in this season. Also he's generally a good person.
Overal, the story from the first season was good. It kept getting better and better until the season ended with an open ending, leaving space for the second season that might've been not even thought of at that point. Probably the team wanting to give Symphogear a chance and see if people like it. Luckily, they loved it and that feeling just increased with each season.
I'm glad that Symphogear is part of my life. I really am and I highly recommend giving it a try, despite the sometimes limited artwork and animations. It's a wonderful series.

I love Chris. That is all, thank you for reading.

Jokes aside, I absolute adore Chris. Ever since she was introduced, she became my favourite character in Symphogear and over time one of my generally most favourite characters.
The way she learned to slowly trust people a little was sweet.
And the way she acts just... connects with me. I love how she is. She cares a lot for her friends and doesn't ever hold back on her enemies. Her foulmouth is also something amazing lol.
She's a messy eater and so am I. I do feel a little less bad about it after seeing how she eats her spaghetti in G lol.
Her music is also my favourite from everyone in the series. Her aggressive lyrics with that kind of rock is incredible. The types of emotions she puts into her songs slowly changes over the season and it's so nice to see. Going from pure destruction to protecting what she loves.

Take This! "All Loaded" is probably the best example, with it being her last solo song. Elements from all her older solo songs and even from the AXZ ending are in here, really showing her progress.
My favourite song from her though is Bye-Bye Lullaby from G. She starts singing more about her friends and the warm home place she found, while still having the aggressive tone to destroy her enemies from Makyū Ichaival. I really love how this song goes and it's probably my general most favourite song from the series. Second one is probably Sforzando no Zankyō from Carol in XV.
Take This! "All Loaded" comes in an extremely close second for me, following GUN BULLET XXX, Makyū Ichaival and lastly TRUST HEART.
My favourite song with others is probably BAYONET CHARGE. The instruments work incredibly well together from Chris and Tsubasa. Their song is also really, really good.

I was even able to buy a little merch of her! I'm really happy I got those cute things of her. I have also ordered a Nesoberi plush, but that will take longer to arrive.

That is all for now. I really, really love Chris and her character and her look and her music and her personality and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Thank you for reading!

I'm Maya. I'm girl.

I love video games, music, anime and website designs from the 2000s. I'm lazy and mostly quiet, but I do want to talk here a bit and let my thoughts out, about all the things I love. I want to try to be a little.. myself, I guess.

For games, I do enjoy almost every genre, but some my favourite games are:

- Golden Sun
- Tales of Destiny 2
- Super Mario World
- The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
- Pokémon Emerald
- Final Fantasy X
- Click this arrow for a "complete" list(different website)

As for Anime... :

- Senki Zesshō Symphogear
- Dragon Ball
- Code Geass
- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
- Black ★ Rock Shooter
- The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
- And click here for the anime list(different website)

If you like to link to me on your website, you can use this button I made.

I guess that's it for now. I'll try to put more here over time. Thanks for visiting!

A lot more happened in this short time than I thought.
I cleaned up the resource page and fixed some stuff here too. In the mean time, I did play some PSO2 but also a really cool game called Helltaker. Has cute demon girls lol
Other than that, my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition did arrive a day after release. Not the worst thing, especially because I was told at first it would arrive at tuesday instead of saturday. Worked out in the end!
Difficult times going on. Please stay safe.

Once again... took long to get done. I like making bigger updates, so it'll often take quite a bit longer from now. I'm sorry if anyone would've liked faster stuff. I'll try my best to get stuff right.
The resource page is a separate page because I apparently cannot load & unload images with scripts. Kinda wish this would work more like game engines lol. I will also organize the stuff on there a bit better soon.
Anyway. This and now SA2 also done. The NA version of PSO2 will start tomorrow and I'll be playing that a lot with friends too. Gonna be nice to play PSO2 again after quite some time...
Other than this, not much happening. I'll continue to try to bring updates here whenever I can. Please bear with me!

This took a while to get done. Writing down my thoughts for something is really difficult. Got everything in my head but when I want to write it down properly I have trouble and I just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Chris was especially difficult to write. I really love her and how everything progressed for her. But I often felt like I'm stilling missing something. Not doing it really right for her. I'm not 100% satisfied now, but I don't want to keep stressing myself over it.
I will probably write more to most things I already posted... I always forget something lol. Though with Tomb Raider I had the easiest time. I played that recently just straight for about 4-5 days in a row and beat it. Thoughts were somewhat fresh so I could get things done better. Lucky me!
Other than that, not much going on. I changed some design things for the website and got many other ideas too that I will try to get done at some point. I hope it'll all work out.

I've been doing almost nothing lately except working for stuff for the website and playing Animal Crossing. Both gave my mind a bit of peace from many things. Though that also had the side affect of me not really working on other things I want to work on ;-;
Two days ago I also slowly started playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. The name is a mouthful, but it's.. interesting. Overworld theme is really cool and I like so far what the story does, despite not much being there. The NPC dialogue in town is hilarious. I've played a lot of Ring of Fates many years ago, so gameplay is very familiar. Hopefully it's gonna be just as fun.

I started doing the anime page today with Symphogear and... it was a pain to track down higher resolution png's for the main page. almost all of them were pretty low res. After a while I did find good ones for GX, AXZ and XV. Sadly, not for Season 1 and G. Especially the one from Season 1 was fairly low res, so I tried to upscale it with gigapixel AI and... it did an okay job I guess. It didn't handle the little font for the subtitle well, but that's the best I can get for now. I will replace it should I ever find a better one.
Other than that, I'm just glad that I can make updates to the website. The groundwork is done now and I can keep adding things that I love. I'm sure there are some things that will need more work and I will keep trying to do what I can to make this website a nice place to visit.

So I guess this journey has now finally, "officially" started. I wrote a lot more today for the website and put tags on. I am a little nervous about writing my opinion about things I like here. But I feel like, I can trust this place a whole lot more than I could ever trust twitter or anything else. Neocities... really gives me a good feeling. A feeling from many years ago and I intend to keep building up on that. I hope that some people will like what I do and join me on this. It will be fun to see where all this will go.

Resource Page & Sonic Adventure 2 added. Will organize Resources better sometime. Not gonna make an update section there since I just upload pictures without any content.

Happy Out of Touch Thursday! Konata was added to celebrate. Also put the update section to the others.

Many things added. Mario Party 1, Tomb Raider 2013 and finally the first on the character page, Yukine Chris.
I have also changed that the blinkie buttons on the select list on the left now open the windows, instead of the arrows. Will see if I like it better or not.

New avatar on About and new console icons. A few typo fixes and small additions to add more of my thoughts to some of the things I already wrote about.
Also linked game and anime list in About.

Xenoblade X (finally) AND Animal Crossing New Horizons added.
I have used the Xenoblade X button for quite a while as a placeholder for testing many things. Today the page for it finally became a thing to read.

More to the About added. A little awkward to write there.
Got a cute gif to generally show for a page when something new is added.
Also button to the page of my little sister, who's really great.

Blinkies as category images added. Was on a journey to find a blinkie maker to my linking. Found none, so I tried this myself.

Temporary guestbook added. Once I find out how to make it possible to have one on the same page as the website, it will be changed. Still better than nothing though.
Symphogear has now been added to the anime list.

I created and updated the Updates section! Hurray!
Also "opened up" the website, put on tags and written the A Link to the Past Page.